We present 3-5 elevation-design proposals per project in general. No distinction is made in the design-presentation process, whether the project is executed by the owner or ordering agency, or a proposed project, i.e. BTL format. This is because differences in business promotion should not lead to discrimination in the exterior design of buildings.

Although we carry out jobs of varying elevation-design-application areas, as small as 14m2 (typically a column) as large as over 3,002m2 (cladding an entire building), there is no discrimination in our approach to design processes based on the total application area. It’s because our team's ultimate goal is to present the highest quality designs to our clients and apply them to buildings, not merely to secure orders.

There is a saying that says “There is no completeness in design.” We merely try to achieve perfect beauty. You, our clients, are the only parties that can help our team achieve the completeness of architectural beauty.


- OPEN JOINT Method System

It, a dry exterior-construction method based on isobaric theory (inside and outside the system) is a method that doesn’t require system airtightness, which requires using sealants along joints, even in partially-modified applications. It is possible to reduce maintenance costs and prevent contamination on the surfaces of the finishing adhesive materials once buildings have been completed. The i-CERAMICA® employs the OPEN JOINT method.

- Criteria for Applying Structural Values

When applied to buildings, eight stories and lower, in metropolitan areas, the i-CERAMICA® system uses the structural values equivalent to the extreme wind-pressure D environment.

- Seismic Performance / Fireproof and Fire-Spread Prevention Performance

The i-CERAMICA® system sufficiently meets the anchoring performance requirement standards of building structures even during an earthquake. The finished product is made up of certified semi-noncombustible materials.

- Insulation Performance

The i-CERAMICA®, which is manufactured using semipermanent bond, provides integrated insulation when installed.


We provide design supports during the design stage.

We submit color-scheme proposals to help our clients with the selection of exterior finishing materials to achieve maximum building exterior aesthetics.

Also, our detailed system installation diagrams will make installation easy and complete. We help prevent design errors in advance and maintain our management goals, minimizing the post-completion defects, through our comprehensive design support activities: thorough in-house midterm and final supervision reports are prepared.

We manage our projects per our own Project Management Manual. The ordering agencies/schools/architects should not worry. (Since 2015, our post-completion defects rate is about 2%.)